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Nissan Electric Vehicles

The South West Nissan team is proud to have been chosen by Nissan to act as the Electric Vehicle (EV) specialists for the South West. Our expert team have been trained to provide information on the EV range and the real-life practicalities of owning and running one. There are many benefits to switching to an electric vehicle, but we recognise that for most people it’s a step into the unknown. That’s why at South West Nissan we provide honest, impartial advice that you can trust.

Ownership costs

The Nissan Leaf runs solely on electricity stored by a lithium-ion battery. This means it is incredibly efficient to run, with average running costs of just 2p per mile*. There are plenty of options for recharging, both at home and on the road. CO2 emissions are zero so the Leaf is exempt from costs such as Road Tax and the London city Congestion Charge.

Business and fleet users

Opting for electric vehicles for business use can save you a significant amount on your overheads. Savings on company car tax, company car fuel tax and benefit-in-kind tax represent a significant reduction. And when you consider the low running costs and the additional £5,000 government grant on offer when purchasing a new Nissan Leaf, you’re sure to be impressed.

Charging and infrastructure

Charging the battery in your Leaf is as simple as filling up a tank with petrol or diesel. The most convenient way to recharge at home is with the Nissan Home Charging Unit. We can also provide you with a map of charging points across the UK so you can plan ahead when embarking on longer journey’s.

Myths about electric cars

The Leaf may boast zero emissions but that does not equate to zero maintenance. Wear and tear through enjoying your car is natural and regular servicing is the best way to keep your vehicle running safely and efficiently. However, the interval between services is greater than for conventionally powered cars so you’ll be on the road for longer.

Learn more

At South West Nissan, our expert team will be happy to provide further information about buying and owning a Nissan Leaf. If you have any questions about the vehicle or whether it could be the right choice for you, please don’t hesitate to ask. Call or visit us in Wellington, Exeter, or Barnstaple. Our status as a Nissan EV Specialist means that we will provide the best advice to find the ideal solution for you.

* This 2p figure is based on a national average of British Gas Clear & Simple Economy 7 Direct Debit unit rates as at November 16, 2012, assuming seven hours of charging at the night rate and one hour at the daytime rate