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Electric Car Charging

The Nissan EVs' electric powertrain technology may be sophisticated, but charging the model is far from complex, as we explain below.

Where can I charge my EV?

Your EV can be charged at home or at one of the various public stations, which form part of a network that is growing rapidly. Click here to view a helpful charge point map, which includes information on the type of station and directions to your closest point.

How to charge at home

Home charging is preferred by most owners for its convenience, and the process is also straightforward. You have two options: use the standard 10 amp cable connected to a standard wall socket, or install a 16 amp Home Charging Unit. The latter cuts a full charge time by approximately four hours, and combines a weatherproof capsule hardwired to a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) line with its own charging cable.

The benefits of a Nissan home charging unit are clear:

  • it’s simple. Connect the system’s attached cable to your EV and wait until the vehicle shows a full charge;
  • it takes less time to complete a full charge thanks to a 16 amp output - approximately eight hours; and
  • the system will be installed by a certified and warranted technician complying with local wiring regulations.

For more information, please click here to view the British Gas Electric Vehicle Charging Brochure. If you are interested in the Nissan LEAF and the charging system, please speak to your EV relationship manager who will introduce you to a British or Scottish Gas adviser to discuss installation.

Electric Vehicle Charging at Home

Charging your EV when out and about

The six-metre cable that comes with your EV can be used at most public stations as well as at home, and takes around 12 hours to charge from zero to 100 percent. At a rapid charge point, you can achieve 80 percent battery charge in around 30 minutes, depending on the ambient temperature. Your EV includes a unique satellite navigation system which shows the closest station to your current location and its type (slow, fast, rapid), to complement the online map linked above.

Find out more today

With charging infrastructure growing in Britain it’s becoming increasingly convenient to own and run an electric vehicle such as the LEAF, and it’s worthwhile to understand how you can increase your car’s range.

For efficient driving tips from the experts and any other general information on the EV range, please enquire with South West Nissan in Somerset & Devon directly.

Charging your Electric Vehicle Out & About