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Nissan Electric Business Options

Every business has a responsibility to limit the impact its operations have on the environment, which includes the CO2 emissions released by company cars. With many running an entire fleet of vehicles for use by its workforce, choosing clean models is important, and the Electric Vehicles (EVs) available from Nissan are the ideal option. Today, they include the LEAF passenger car and the e-NV200 panel and crew vans.

As fully electric vehicles they all release zero CO2 emissions yet aren’t lacking in pace and power. Their environmentally-aware output means savings in a number of areas for businesses who select them, including no benefit-in-kind (BIK) or company car tax plus zero National Insurance or company car fuel tax. What’s more, the total value of a LEAF or e-NV200 purchase can be written down against your capital allowance. The cost benefits of choosing even a single Nissan EV are obvious, and developing an entire fleet can only multiply the advantages for your business.

On top of frugal performance, charging your Nissan EV is simple and affordable too. The LEAF costs approximately £2 per 100 miles, for example. Our corporate partner VINCI Energies will give guidance on the installation of charging points at your business premises, and our EV specialists will also explain the alternative charging options available to you.

With South West Nissan it’s straightforward to choose and purchase your next EV from the manufacturer, with prices starting from £13,393 on the road for the e-NV200 including the government grant4, VAT, Road Fund Licence (RFL) and First Registration Fee (FRF). It’s the environmentally conscious and cost-effective option for your business, and more information on the potential savings is available through the Nissan tax calculator. For answers to any further questions, please contact the experts at South West Nissan directly.

Nissan Electric Vehicle fleet

The LEAF was the first all-electric full-size family car to boast zero CO2 emissions1, and it was joined by the e-NV200 panel and crew vans as a clean alternative for those needing a commercial vehicle. Running either will reduce the environmental impact and running costs of your fleet significantly, and your workforce can still enjoy safe and reliable performance.

It’s easy to charge any Nissan EV - you and your staff can do so at the office, from home or when out and about using a public charge point. As a full charge provides over 100 miles of range2 you can expect no disruption to everyday journeys. The average UK journey is only 8.5 miles, while 95 percent last less than 25 miles3.

The award-winning range drives quietly yet capably, and arrives with a host of cutting-edge technology that makes EV ownership much more satisfying – including Nissan’s innovative CARWINGS connectivity system. These intelligent cars and vans are redefining vehicle design, and must be considered for any business who wants more from its fleet.

Nissan E-NV200 Van, Fleet Option
Nissan E-NV200 Van Fleet Option

The LEAF and e-NV200 up close

Costing only £21,490 on the road including a £5,000 government grant5, VAT, RFL and FRF, the LEAF is the only fully electric family car to have achieved a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating. The cabin is spacious with room for five and a 330-litre luggage capacity, which allows driver and passengers to arrive at every destination in comfort. Power delivery is instant, and the car isn’t lacking in equipment with cruise control and a rear parking camera included as standard.

Meanwhile, the e-NV200 was celebrated as winner of What Van? magazine’s Green Award in 2014, and as it costs just two pence per mile to run the financial benefits are clear. The model is offered in both panel and crew van shapes to suit the needs of fleet buyers, and there has been no lack of compromise on payload or passenger space. Just like the LEAF a rear-view camera is included at no extra cost alongside telephone Bluetooth integration.

Clever on-board features

A number of intuitive features have been fitted to Nissan’s EV line-up for greater convenience on the road. They include the CARWINGS satellite navigation and telematics system which enables you to manage several of the car or van’s functions remotely from a computer or smartphone. You can plan a route, check the battery capacity, start a charge or adjust the cabin climate control from the comfort of your home or office.

Living with your Nissan EV

Safer and more convenient charging is the result when you install a Home Charging Unit. We partner with British Gas for this, who offer a free home inspection of your property and will advise on the best home charging option for your LEAF or e-NV200. For charging options at your place of work we recommend contacting Nissan’s corporate partner VINCI Energies.

Owning a Nissan EV

The Nissan LEAF is available from just £16,490 on the road, and with South West Nissan you can take advantage of generous Contract Hire agreements to separate the costs. The e-NV200 costs from £13,393, and can also be financed to make funding your next fleet easier.

To compare the cost of a LEAF or e-NV200 to models from other manufacturers, use the cost of ownership tool.

Caring for Nissan EVs

It is recommended that your Nissan EV is serviced annually or after every 18,000 miles. For added support the manufacturer presents three-year/60,000 mile roadside assistance and warranty, plus a 12-year corrosion warranty.

On top of this there’s a further five-year/60,000 mile EV component warranty, which covers the following specialist parts:

  • lithium-ion battery;
  • motor;
  • inverter;
  • vehicle control module;
  • reduction gear;
  • AC/DC converter;
  • on-board charger;
  • charge connector; and
  • cable.

For more on the Nissan LEAF or e-NV200 and the advantages of choosing an EV for your next vehicle fleet, please contact the specialists at South West Nissan in Somerset & Devon today.

Where used, zero emission relates to CO2 emissions of LEAF while being driven.

Driving range indicative only, based on the New European Driving Cycle urban driving test which is without heating or air conditioning. Actual driving range is influenced by topography, speed, driving style, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

“Of all trips made in 2009, 20% were less than one mile in length and 95% were less than 25 miles.” National Travel Survey 2010, Department for Transport: (

Government grant available at the current level of £8,000 for the Nissan e-NV200 until 2017.

Government grant available at the current level of £4,500 for the Nissan LEAF until 2017.