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Electric Vehicle Running Costs

Cost is a particularly important consideration when you’re thinking about choosing an electric car. The Nissan LEAF is an efficient, cost-effective and compact model that brings you much more for your money.

The biggest factor is that the LEAF only uses electricity. In comparison to a car powered by a traditional petrol or diesel engine, the LEAF boasts an equivalent 300mpg*. For motorists who cover around 10,000 miles per year, their annual running costs could work out at less than £200. It could cost as much as £1,300 in traditional fuel to travel the same distance. Drivers who spend weekdays driving in London will also appreciate the car’s exemption from the Congestion Charge.

At the heart of the LEAF is a lithium-ion battery, which works alongside an 80kW electric motor. The system can deliver full torque from the moment you start the car up, and CO2 emissions are zero.

On a single charge, the LEAF can cover up to 109 miles. As the average journey in the UK is only around 8.5 miles, you can go for weeks without needing to top up the electricity. The streamlined, compact body lowers drag, improves handling and keeps the car attractively efficient.

To discover the many advantages of owning an electric vehicle, speak to the South West Nissan team in Wellington, Exeter, and Barnstaple. Call us, visit our Nissan dealership, or fill out and send us an online enquiry form.

*This ‘equivalent’ figure is based on a price comparison. The average price of a gallon of petrol is £6.315 (as quoted in the AA fuel price report, October 2012 and based on a 50mpg petrol-powered car driving 10,000 miles per annum and using average UK petrol and diesel prices as quoted in the AA fuel price report as at October 2012). The cost of powering the LEAF for one mile is 1.86p, based on a natural average of British Gas Clear & Simple Economy 7 rates as at November 16, 2012, assuming seven hours of charging at the night rate and one hour on daytime rate. A daily standing charge of 17.579p also applies. So, for the same price as a gallon of petrol, the LEAF can be charged enough times to be driven for 339.5 miles.

The LEAF can travel up to 109 miles per full charge (assuming 95 percent efficiency). Actual consumption/range may vary due to driving style, road conditions, air conditioning and other factors outside our control.