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Intelligent Back-Up Intervention

South West Nissan is pleased to offer its customers a wide range of cars that display the latest technologies for exceptional modern driving. Nissan is one of the nation’s most loved brands for providing customers with a reliable and stylish drive, and now the new technologies can also ensure your safety at all times. Whether you opt for a family friendly SUV or a city car, Intelligent Back-Up Intervention ensures that you are always aware of what is behind you.

Intelligent Back-Up Intervention ensures that you can always see what is happening behind you by detecting objects that move into your path. If another vehicle drives past as you are manoeuvring, or if a pedestrian steps out behind you, the Back-Up Intervention will alert you. By intervening with an audio and visual alert system, your attention is drawn to the objects behind you that you may have otherwise not noticed.

This technology is ideal for situations where there are lots of other cars and pedestrians moving about, such as busy parking bays in retail or leisure parks. It is also helpful when reversing out of tight spaces. Sometimes, it is difficult to see what is behind you due to weather conditions, steamed up windows, or other general obstacles that might obstruct your view. Also, there are often instances in car parks where pedestrians, particularly children, can run out behind the car. Back-Up Intervention ensures you are made aware of hazards, enabling you to brake and prevent serious accidents from happening.

Back-Up Intervention features on Nissan models such as X-Trail, Qashqai and the Juke – all larger models that can significantly benefit from this added pair of eyes.

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