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Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention

South West Nissan is pleased to offer an exciting range of new technologies through the marque. Safer driving is now easier than ever thanks to built-in features such Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention technology. With this particular feature, drivers can rest assured that they are covering all bases and can change lanes confidently.

Blind Spot Intervention works through sensors that detect vehicles in your blind spot area, and prevents you from steering across the lane too prematurely. When a vehicle moves into your blind spot area, the status light next to your door mirror is illuminated to give you an initial warning. If you then indicate before the other vehicle has moved out of the blind spot, you will see a warning flash and then hear an alert sound.

Blind Spot Intervention can help prevent collisions and encourages drivers to be more aware of their surroundings. It is extremely beneficial when driving on the motorway and ring roads, but will also be useful when navigating corners and busy city streets.

You can enjoy this intelligent technology in many of the Nissan models, including the large and family friendly X-Trail, and popular SUVs like the Qashqai and the Juke. These models particularly benefit from Blind Spot Intervention due to their larger size.

South West Nissan are experts in the marque and can advise on this technology as well as many others. We can demonstrate the technology in detail and can answer any of your queries. Call now or enquire online for more information on our range of Nissan models that offer this feature. We are based in Exeter, Barnstaple and Wellington and you will be greeted by a friendly team of professionals who are dedicated to helping you find the right model for you.