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Intelligent Forward Collision Warning

Nissan is now providing drivers with an excellent range of technologies to enhance the way we drive, including Intelligent Forward Collision Warning technology. Through this innovative development, Nissan cars fitted with this technology can now detect what is happening in front. The technology detects actions often before the driver is even aware of them, providing a faster response in order to prevent serious accidents and collisions.

Intelligent sensors are fitted at the front of the Nissan vehicle and linked to an alert system within the cabin. The Forward Collision Warning sends data in the form of an audible sound, notification on the dashboard, as well as a tightening of the seatbelt to warn the driver of the potential risk. Significantly, Nissan’s collision warning technology is able to perceive risks from beyond the immediate zone, sensing potential risks that are out of the driver’s view. The alert system also occurs when a sudden obstacle comes into your car’s path, or if the car in front is too close, suddenly slows down or brakes sharply in an emergency.

Intelligent Forward Collision Warning responds quickly and safely two cars ahead to ensure you slow down in ample time. Some of the most popular models in the marque, such as the Nissan Qashai and the X-Trail, feature this intelligent technology. It is beneficial to most driving circumstances, including continuous start and stop conditions in city traffic, as well as motorway driving.

South West Nissan is pleased to offer its customers a whole range of new Nissan models that present intelligent safety features to generate safer driving for all. Get in touch with the team at South West Nissan today to hear more about our technologies and how they can enhance your driving experience. We are based in Barnstaple, Exeter and Wellington.