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Barnstaple Customer Testimonials

"Barnstaple Nissan are top class! I've already recommended them and i loved the personal video message. Thank you!"

"The sales staff were very helpful and welcoming. Great service!"

"I found the staff very welcoming and would not hesitate to recommend them in the future."

"I am completely satisfied with the service at Barnstaple Nissan. The staff were eager to help and friendly."

"Friendly and informative staff. I would highly recommend this dealership."

"I would definitely recommend Barnstaple Nissan. Excellent car and service."

"100% professional and friendly service and i would not hesitate to recommend Barnstaple Nissan."

"Keith at Barnstaple Nissan was extremely helpful and competent. I would definitely recommend the dealership again."

"I have always been completely satisfied every time i have been to Barnstaple Nissan and would definitely recommend them to my friends."

"Very friendly and helpful staff. Would not hesitate to recommend Barnstaple Nissan."

"I went to five different main dealers in Devon and the Nissan experience was the best!"

"Completely satisfied with my new Qashqai. The staff went out of their way to help us. Excellent customer service."

"Extremely helpful sales person. I would not hesitate to recommend Barnstaple Nissan."

"I am very happy with my new Pulsar and with the fantastic customer service at Barnstaple Nissan."

"The sales team were very positive and professional and i would definitely recommend Barnstaple Nissan."

"Friendly,honest and approachable staff. Completely satisfied with my new Micra."

"The sales team were very knowledgeable and friendly. I would not hesitate to recommend Barnstaple Nissan."

November 2017 - Mr Morrison
"I would not hesitate in recommending Barnstaple Nissan, the sales person was clear, informative, very helpful and polite. My first ever Nissan purchased and it wont be the last!"

October 2017 - Mrs Tracey Heney

'Keith went through everything I needed to know when I bought my Juke, which was very helpful. I would inspire my friends to go to NISSAN as they are very good cars and the team are very helpful."

October 2017 - Mr M Grantham

"Buying a NISSAN was 'a very friendly experience'

October 201-7- Thomas Aulsberry

"What made it positive for me was all of the information given - and the friendliness of the team."

October 2017 - Mrs Sue Denham

"Friendly service - nothing was too much trouble! Our salesman was lovely."

October 2017 - Mr Brian Patchitt

"Courteous and friendly staff with a good product!"

October 2017 -- Mrs Sylvia Warwick

"I had a very friendly and sincere salesman!"

September 2017 - Mrs Pearce
"Very happy with the service I received, very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They seemed very interested in finding the right car for me".

July 2017 - Mr Duncan
"10/10 excellent service from Carl Leach on the purchase of my Qashqai, completely satisfied".

July 2017 - Mr Scott

"Excellent Experience, I could not fault Barnstaple Nissan"

July 2017 - Mrs Palmer

"Great customer service from William Jury"

July 2017 - Mr Brice

"I was completely satisfied with the good service I received from William Jury on the purchase of my Leaf"

July 2017 - Mrs Merrett
"I was completely satisfied with the service I received from Keith Munday on the purchase of my Qashqai. The ease of change over of cars and his experience was exceptional".

June 2017 - Mr Clarke
"The knowledge, presentation and Carl's general attitude was excellent. I would not hesitate to recommend him and Barnstaple Nissan".

June 2017 - Mr Henderson
"Very friendly and I am completley satisfied with the service I received on the purchase of my Juke".

June 2017 - Mr Jeffries
"Completely satisfied, the professionalism shown by Keith at the Dealership. It also helped that when I arrived at the Dealership all of the paperwork was ready thus reducing waiting time".

May 2017 - Mr Carlyle
"I am completely satisfied with the purchase of my Qashqai, everything went so smoothly. There is no improvement required with their customer service".

May 2017 - Mr Phipps
"The service I received was very professional and efficient, they could have not done anything more to improve my experience".

April 2017 - Mr Aitken

"The sales staff and dealership went out of their way to ensure the right deal and original negotiation went ahead. I was completely satisfied with the service I received".

April 2017 - Mr Popham

"Adam and Keith's friendly and helpful service was very positive experience; nothing was too much trouble".

April 2017 - Ms Jeffery

"Lovely friendly staff".

April 2017 - Mr Hughes

"The salesman competence was a very positive experience".

April 2017 - Mr Horsman

"Friendly and relaxed staff. No hard sale".

April 2017 - Mr Bentley

"I was completely satisfied with the service I received from William Jury, he was friendly, knowledgeable and professional".

March 2017 - Mrs Bowie

"10/10 experience, excellent service".

March 2017 - Mr Edwards

"I was made to feel a very valued customer by Keith who sold the car to me and the care and presentation of the car was amazing. I am absolutely delighted".

March 2017 - Mrs Callis

"Excellent service received, the salesman was very friendly and informative, absolutely brilliant".

March 2017 - Mrs Whitcher

"Completely satisfied with the service I received, he was friendly,open , approachable and very professional".

March 2017 - Mrs Hackett

"Every aspect of my purchase was positive, I couldn't have asked for more".

March 2017 - Mr Beer

"Completely satisfied, 10 out of 10".

March 2017 - Mr Butcher

"I think the dealership has got it right, easy no hassle and I was kept informed at all times".

March 2017 - Mr Reynold

"Excellent service received and we already had a Nissan".

March 2017 - Mr Andrew

"1 am completely satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Barnstaple Nissan".

March 2017 - Mr Durk

"I was completely satisfied with the service I received from John Dowling".

March 2017 - Mr Miller

"I was completely satisfied, very professional".

February 2017 - Mr Bawden

"I was completely satisfied by the service I received from Carl Leach and would not hesitate in recommending him and Barnstaple Nissan".

February 2017 - Mr Willcox

"I am completely satisfied with the service received and would definately recommend them. Nice surroundings, keen young sales person, good car."


February 2017 - Mr Tyas
"I was completely satisfied with the service received and I would not hesitate in recommending Barnstaple Nissan."


January 2017 - Mrs Greyson-Burgess

"Was completely satisfied with the service she received and would definitely recommend Barnstaple Nissan."


January 2017 - Mr Worrall

"I was impressed with the knowledgeable and friendly attitude from the members of staff."


December 2016 - Mr Donovan

"A towing test was allowed (for my NP300)."


November 2016 - Mrs Austin

"I received excellent service from Barnstaple Nissan, they could do no more."


November 2016 - Mr Tillen

"I did like the friendly atmosphere, and everything was explained to me."


November 2016 - Mrs Mutton

"Both Carl Leach and the gentleman that delivered the car were polite and helpful."


October 2016 - Miss Cozens

"A wonderful friendly service. Do not change anything. I have been recommending you already!"


October 2016 - Mr Hallam

"The Sales Executive, John Dowling is very helpful."


October 2016 - Mr Britton

"John Dowling was excellent from start to finish."


October 2016 - Mr Leworthy

"The Sales Executive, John Dowling, is so friendly and tells you all you need to know. He explained everything very well."


October 2016 - Mr McQuillan

"Sales Executive, Keith Munday, was very efficient, helpful and friendly."


October 2016 - Mrs Silver

"Excellent all round service. Well done everyone!"


September 2016 - Mrs Skates

"I have always had excellent service from John Dowling over the last 9 years. Also, the Service Department has always been excellent."


September 2016 - Mr smith

"A straight forward process with no hassle."


September 2016 - Mr Hughes

"A very friendly service."


September 2016 - Mr Pearce

They are very nice people at Barnstaple, which makes the process of buying a car easy."


September 2016 - Mr Leworthy

"The Sales Executive, Keith Munday, was thorough, professional, knowledgeable and nice."


September 2016 - Mr Screech

"John Dowling has good knowledge of the product and is friendly."


September 2016 - Mrs Jury

"The atmosphere at Barnstaple Nissan is friendly and the service I received was efficient and competent. I have already recommended you to my sister-in-law."


September 2016 - Mr Lawrence

"A great Dealership; very friendly and helpful."


September 2016 - Mr Connebear

"I received a good friendly service."


September 2016 - Mr Bridge

"I have bought from John Dowling previously. I have recommended Barnstaple Nissan to friends and relatives.


August 2016 - Mrs Barrington-Blackman

"The Sales Executive was very experienced, there was no hassle and the handover was good."


July 2016 - Mrs Fulford

"Excellent and effective service received."


May 2016 - Mr Backhouse

"They have a good Sales Team at Barnstaple Nissan."


February 2016 - Mr Jeffries

"As always everything very satisfactory and all went well. Highly recommend to anyone else."


February 2016 - Mrs Thompson

"John really made us feel welcomed and special. We had a bad experience at another dealership, and he managed to help us over this. Really happy so far."


February 2016 - Mr Moore

" The Leaf is amazing and already saving us a fortune. Work has moved me to commuting to Dover 3 times a week. 235 miles round trip! I have planned meal/work breaks into my drive to allow for topping up. I am spending about £1 on electricity per journey as the motorway top ups are free!

We have picked up about 4 different charge cards, some of which are free (Ecotricity) some a one off £20 and others free for the first 6 months then a monthly fee if we want to continue. The Zap Map website has been good at informing us where the charge points are and whether they are suitable for the Leaf (once we got used to the jargon). The three pin plug and cable was suitable for home but we have installed a slightly faster charger as there was a rumour that the government grant was going to cease. It saves about 2 hours on an overnight charge.

The car drives just like a normal automatic car and handles well. We can get about 70 miles if we drive at 70mph and nearer to 95 at a steady 55mph with gentle acceleration.

No regrets at all. I am happy for you to pass my email address on to anyone thinking of buying a Leaf. I can see that we are going to have to get another one once both of the children are home!"


February 2016 - Mr Harris

"Recommend John Dowling to anyone purchasing a car."


January 2016 - Mr Clarke

"Having had a previous car from Nissan (XTrail), there is no better."


January 2016 - Mr Allingham

"Have recommended Barnstaple Nissan to several of my friends and customers."


December 2015 - Mrs Huddleston

"The whole team were amazing; they were friendly and made the whole experience enjoyable. William was a brillant Salesperson."


December 2015 - Miss Spencer

"Thank you for such friendly, helpful advice and guidance."


December 2015 - Mr Norman

"Having visited other Nissan dealers; chose to return to first port of call - Barnstaple. Mr Munday was extremely courteous and approachable."


November 2015 - Mr Satchell

"I have always used Nissan, (ie, Note, Juke, Primera) and find them 100% good."


November 2015 - Mrs King

"William and the team at Barnstaple Nisssan were superb."


October 2015 - Ms Moll

"I am really pleased with the vehicle."


October 2015 - Mr Ruddy

"This is the third vehicle we have purchased from Barnstpale Nissan, and will continue to do so in the future."


September 2015 - Mrs McCormick

"Service from staff was superb. Thank you."


September 2015 - Mrs Hancock

"Loving my new car!"


September 2015 - Mr Harris

"In the world of strange money deals it was very well dealt with."


September 2015 - Mrs Fryer

"William was very courteous and helpful, as was Adam."


September 2015 - Mr Dinner

"Everything is good."