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Air Conditioning Check & Refresh

With the Summer on its way, over time the air conditioning system fitted to your vehicle can reduce in efficiency and cause a bad smell due to bacteria build up in the system.

Southwest Nissan is offering an Air Condition Inspection and Refresh for only £39.99.

Our manufacturer trained technicians will conduct a test of the minimum air temperature and complete an ultrasonic anti-bacterial clean ** of the air conditioning system. This will kill off bacteria growing in the system behind the dash board & eliminate bad smells, leaving a pleasant refreshing odour in the car after treatment..

It is recommended that this test and treatment is completed at least every 2 years. This inspection and treatment will add approx. 30 minutes to the work schedule of your vehicle.

This treatment is superior to an aerosol treatment as it utilises an ozone machine to nebulize the liquid to less than 5 microns to ensure that it accesses all areas of the system.

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** The efficiency of the product against bacteria and fungi has been tested according to the standards: NEN-EN 13623; NEN-EN 1040; NEN-EN 1275; NEN-EN 1276; NEN-EN 1650; NEN-EN 13697 (clean surface and contaminated surface), for the following micro-organisms: Legionella pneumophila (1); Pseudomonas aeruginosa (2); Escherichia coli (3); Staphylococcus aureus (4); Enterococcus hirae (5); Candida albicans (6); Aspergillus niger (7).The efficiency of the preparation has been demonstrated after a contact time of maximum 15 minutes, except for NEN-EN 13697 (contaminated surface) where the bactericide effect on (3) and (4) has been demonstrated after 60 minutes contact time.