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What is Motability? The Motability Scheme provides disabled people with the opportunity to use their mobility allowance in order to lease a new car. The first step is to make an application, specifying any adaptations required that are unique to you and your requirements. If you're unable to drive, you can name up to two drivers on your application. A third driver can also be listed for an additional charge. They must all live within five miles of your address, and hold full driving licences. Drivers should typically be over 25 – one person under 21 can be named, but they must live with you.
Am I Applicable? You will be eligible to order a new car on the scheme if you have one of the following:

- Higher Rate Mobility Component of the disability living allowance
- Enhanced Rate Mobility Component of personal independence payment
- War Pensioners Mobility Supplement
- Armed Forces Independent Payment

You need to have at least 12 months award length remaining to enable you to qualify for a new car under the Motability scheme. Even if you’re a non driver, you are still able to lease a Nissan through the scheme and nominate someone to drive it for you.

Nissan Motability

Through the Motability Scheme at South West Nissan, our customers can choose from a wide range of Nissan cars. The Motability Scheme is a simpler way for disabled road users to access the vehicle that best meets their needs. The Scheme provides mobility scooters, powered wheelchairs and, of course, cars.

Here at South West Nissan we're a Motability partner dealership, giving you access to new Nissan cars through the Scheme at with competitive rates of finance. As a dealer group, we have many years of helping those who qualify for a vehicle through the scheme and we've even got our own team of dedicated Motability experts so that you can rest assured that your interests and needs are in the best possible hands,

To speak to a member of our Motability team today, simply contact your local South West Nissan dealership today here or submit an enquiry below and we'll call you back. Alternatively, we'd love you to visit us. All our locations provide wheelchair access and on site parking and there's always some one on hand to help and discuss your needs face-to-face.

Model Lineup

Nissan has a varied and dynamic selection of models available on the Mobility Scheme. Take a look at the our carefully selected Nissan Motability Offers by clicking the models below.


Can I test drive a car?


Yes, of course. You can test drive any car you may interested in. Here at South West Nissan we absolutely recommend a test drive to help ensure that the car you choose meet your needs exactly, even if you're not the driver. Speak to one of our Motability advisers about booking your test drive.​

How long does it take for my car to be delivered?


This depends on the model you have ordered. We'll let you know when you can expect your car once you've made your application.

Is anyone else allowed drive my Motability car?


Yes. You can add up to two named drivers to your plan to make use of your Motability car.

Can I get financial help as a Scheme user?


Some financial help is sometimes available through a grant if you're unable to afford the mobility option you need. You should enquire about this before making your application. To find out more, speak to a member of our Motability team here at South West Nissan. More information is also available here on financial help.

Am I able to cancel my lease agreement?


This is possible under some circumstances and if you're able to provide a valid reason. This can incur a charge.

Can my Motability allowance be used on a car and scooter/powered vehicle?


No – at the moment it is only possible to carry out one lease agreement with the Motability Scheme, thus it is one vehicle per driver.

What happens at the end of the lease?


You have three choices: lease another car through the scheme; extend your lease and keep your current vehicle; or return your car and reinstate your allowance.

Is there an age limit for the Motability Scheme?


People are eligible for the Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) from age three, and will receive notification of claiming the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) before they turn 16. Drivers over the age of 65 who receive PIP, DLA, War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) and Armed Forces Independence Payment (AFIP), are eligible for the scheme.

What is Advance Payment?


This works like a deposit, whereby more expensive vehicles or larger cars require payment upfront so the total value of the car is covered over the duration of the lease. Some cars have £0 Advance Payment.

When will I receive my car?


Delivery time is totally dependent on the make and model of your chosen car. Speak to your dealer to find out more information about when you can expect to receive it.

Can someone else collect my car?


No, unless you have an appointee. An appointee is someone who is solely responsible for collecting state benefits on behalf of the disabled person. If you do not have an appointee, you must collect the car yourself, as you need to enter your PIN and sign the legal agreement.

How to find the most suitable Motability car?


There are many models to choose from. To help you decide on the most appropriate car to fit your needs, you can answer the Motability Suitability Questionnaire.

How much do adaptions cost and who pays for them?


Prices vary, so view each of the adaptation costs via the Motability Managed Adaptations Programme. Many of these can be included and arranged by the dealer at no extra cost if you do so at the beginning of your lease.

Is insurance included in the dealership price?


Insurance is included as part of your lease. Speak to your dealership for further information.

What is covered by RSA Motability insurance?


Rest assured with many inclusions in the scheme’s comprehensive insurance. Drivers are covered for loss or damage, including accidental, fire and theft, and you can also get a repair or replacement of glass and damaged locks. All of the adaptations and modifications that are known to the insurer are covered, as well as the in-car equipment, car accessories and tools.

What is not covered by RSA Motability insurance?

  • Excess payments (usually £100)
  • Loss of keys
  • Personal belongings
  • Non-standard equipment or modifications
  • Driving other cars
  • Unauthorised or uninsured drivers