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Nissan is renowned for the reliability of its vehicles, which owes a lot to the brand’s automotive innovation. Whether producing updated, next-generation or brand-new models, the company is always seeking to further enhance the already high quality of its range.

Nissan has long been at the forefront of drivetrain modernisation and evolution too. Take the Nissan LEAF as an obvious example; it was the first contemporary, mass-market five-door hatchback produced by a prominent manufacturer – and it’s still going strong.

Here, you can find news relating to the wide world of Nissan, from concept cars and prototypes to electric and hybrid innovation, as well as details about awards and local events. We also provide updated information on Nissan-related topics, such as sports sponsorship deals.

Please read on to learn more about Nissan and Nissan-adjacent news. If you have any questions about any of the topics we cover, don’t hesitate to contact your local South West Nissan team.