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How to Change a Tyre​​

It’s one of the most common issues to arise among vehicle owners and can, if you’re ill-prepared, cause a great level of stress and worry. Whether it’s a flat tyre you’ve noticed on the driveway at home or a puncture when out on the road, being able to change a tyre yourself is a key skill that will provide added peace of mind during your motoring life.

At South West Nissan, we’re always keen to provide our motorists with all the advice and support they need to stay mobile. That’s why we’re delighted to offer a full guide on how to change a tyre on your vehicle in just a few easy steps. Follow this advice today and you can be confident that no matter where you are, you will be ready to change your tyre and get back on the road in no time.

  1. Find a safe and level place to park your vehicle, leaving your hazard lights on and positioning a warning triangle should you be beside a road. Double check that you have your handbrake on and that there are no passengers in the vehicle.
  2. Take out the spare tyre and all the necessary tools - you’ll need a wrench, jack, wheel chocks, and wheel nut key.
  3. Position the wheel chocks to prevent the car rolling.
  4. Loosen the wheel nuts.
  5. Jack the car up until it is no more than 15cm off the ground. Check your manual for details on locating the jacking points.
  6. Remove the flat tyre and mount the spare wheel.
  7. Lower the car from its jack to the ground and use the wrench to tighten the wheel nuts.
  8. Check the tyre pressure of the spare tyre using a pressure gauge.
  9. Take your punctured tyre to be repaired.

Each stage of the tyre changing process should be carefully followed to ensure that the vehicle performs at its best and safest. We at South West Nissan will be happy to help provide any further information or conduct a tyre change on your behalf. Simply get in touch with us today for more details.​