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Checking Tyre Pressure

Checking your vehicle’s tyre pressure is one of those simple but hugely effective tasks that will not only help improve the performance and economy of your model, but which can prove essential to your on-road safety. After all, your tyres are the one constant contact with the road, so ensuring they’re performing to an optimum level is essential - and key to this is the tyre pressure of your wheels.

The process of checking your tyre pressure is simple, with modern vehicles even including a tyre pressure monitoring system that requires you to simply keep an eye out for the dashboard warning light. Of course, not all vehicles come with such a feature, but monitoring the pressure of your tyres continues to be easy. All that is required is access to a suitable pressure gauge, which can be purchased for use at home or be accessed at a local petrol station.

Once you have access to a pressure gauge, it’s simply a case of following these easy steps:

  1. Remove the valve cap from each individual tyre and attach the pressure gauge.
  2. Press down on the gauge so that it is fitted evenly. This will provide the most accurate reading.
  3. The gauge should indicate the current tyre pressure. Check with your vehicle manual to see whether your tyre meets the recommendations.
  4. If your tyres require inflation, use a suitable pump to increase the pressure to the desired level. If they require deflating, an implement such as a flat-head screwdriver can be used to push the metal pin on the valve stem.
  5. Ensure that you regularly take pressure readings until you’ve reached the desired level.
Tyre tracking

It’s important that your tyre pressure is monitored on a frequent basis, particularly when there are significant changes to the climate. Should you require assistance in checking the pressure of your tyres, contact the team at South West Nissan today, and we’ll be happy to help you.

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