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Intelligent Around View Monitor

The team at South West Nissan is pleased to offer its customers a vast range of new intelligent technologies that can enhance the safety of everyday driving. With features such as Intelligent Around View Monitor on several of our models, drivers can enjoy peace of mind on the road and become more alert to what is around them.

Intelligent Around View Monitor is designed to prevent drivers from reversing into moving obstacles by presenting the driver with both an audible and visual alert. This ensures the driver is fully aware of everything that is around them at all times, and protects pedestrians from being hit by the car.

This technology is particularly beneficial when driving and manoeuvring in a parking bay when there are lots of pedestrians around. Sometimes it is not always clear to see when a person or another car is moving behind. Intelligent Around View Monitor is therefore particularly useful in poor weather conditions when visibility is marred, and also protects the safety of people when sudden movements happen. For example, if a child suddenly runs behind your car as you are reversing, the Around View Monitor will instantly detect this so that you can apply the brakes.

Drivers can benefit from Intelligent Around View Monitor on popular models such as the Qashqai, the X-Trail, the Micra, and the Juke. Whatever kind of car you need, Nissan has the designs and the technologies to match, providing you with a safe, reliable and stylish drive.

For more information on the new Nissan technologies, or any of the other features, get in touch with the South West Nissan group today. Based in Barnstaple, Exeter and Wellington, you will find a friendly team at each location who are more than willing to demonstrate the technologies. Call or enquire online.