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Intelligent Lane Intervention

At South West Nissan, you will find a range of models that display the latest technologies to enhance the safety and convenience of driving, whatever the conditions. One of the newest innovations is Intelligent Lane Intervention.

Nissan has developed this technology in some of its newer models in order to prevent you straying from your lane on the motorway or on ring roads. Intelligent Lane Intervention sounds an audible warning and places a clear visual alert on your dashboard.

This technology has been developed to stop any collisions or accidents when driving. However, it also works in tune with your driving and is intelligent enough to recognise unintentional drifting, rather than purposeful indicating. When indicators are activated, the Lane Intervention technology is disarmed so that no unnecessary noises or alerts distract you.

This new technology is not designed to replace human thought or action when driving, but rather to help prevent collisions or other accidents that can easily occur on the motorway due to natural human error.

Intelligent Lane Intervention is available in cars such as the Nissan X-Trail – the perfect car for large families. It is also available in the Juke and the Micra, so whatever kind of model you need, Nissan can cater to all lifestyles and driving needs without compromising on safety.

Call the team at South West Nissan today to find out more information about the new technologies from the marque. Our friendly and professional team can help you decide which model is right for you and ensure that you can get the most from your new car. Stop by any one of our dealerships in Barnstaple, Exeter or Wellington. We will be more than happy to show you around the marque and explain in detail how each example works.