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Used Nissan Juke Diesel

As one of the most distinctive and popular crossover vehicles around, the Nissan Juke is a sporty and well-equipped vehicle that offers everything the discerning motorist could require. From engaging infotainment technology through to cutting-edge safety features, a comfortable and spacious cabin to bold exterior finishes, you can rest assured this is a model that isn’t shy about standing out. And, with a selection of diesel engine options, you’re assured efficient performance.

Here at South West Nissan in Barnstaple, Exeter and Wellington, we’re delighted to be able to showcase the very best that the Nissan brand has to offer. Among our offering, you’ll have the chance to explore a host of pre-owned models that are ready to purchase today, with a range of used Nissan Juke diesel options among those that are available.

Our aim at South West Nissan is to ensure that all used cars we sell can be relied upon to provide many years of unforgettable and enjoyable motoring. That’s why each used Nissan Juke diesel undergoes a thorough mechanical inspection prior to sale, with our technicians using state-of-the-art facilities to conduct investigations into all the key features.

You can learn all about the specification of your chosen used Nissan Juke diesel by clicking on the listings today. You’ll be presented also with a number of images and be able to tailor a financing package to suit you. Once you’re ready to invest, our buy or reserve online system is a quick and intuitive way to ensure you don’t miss out.