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Used Nissan Qashqai Diesel

Arguably the most popular SUV to be found on UK roads over the past decade, the Nissan Qashqai is the ultimate family vehicle. Strong, powerful, comfortable, and well equipped, there’s no challenge that the Qashqai cannot overcome. Plus, its ample dimensions mean there is plenty of interior space for all passengers, while the hardworking diesel engine options will provide you with responsive motoring and surprising fuel efficiency.

All used Nissan cars available from South West Nissan in Barnstaple, Exeter and Wellington have been carefully selected based on their overall condition and level of performance. We only list those vehicles that come from reputable sources, while technicians with access to state-of-the-art facilities conduct an extensive series of checks that will ensure there are no underlying issues with any model you choose to buy.

Spreading the cost of any used Nissan Qashqai diesel is easy thanks to the financing packages available from South West Nissan. Low rates of APR are available on both Hire Purchase and Personal Contract Purchase agreements, meaning you can make fixed monthly repayments over an agreed period of time. Plus, we frequently have special offers available that provide even better value for money.

Click on any of the used Nissan Qashqai diesel models listed to view full details and a selection of images. These will enable you to take a closer look at key features both inside and out. Our buy or reserve online system, meanwhile, enables you to secure the vehicle that catches your eye from the comfort of home.