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Finance Preferences

The exclusive Nissan Preferences scheme is a cost-effective route to ownership, and is just one of your options when buying a Nissan. It also benefits drivers who want to change their vehicle on a regular basis.

What is Nissan Preferences?

Finance through Nissan Preferences is essentially a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) agreement. The popularity of PCP with UK drivers highlights that this is a logical choice for many of our customers.

How does it work?

Specify the deposit amount you are able to make*, and the term length and repayments will be calculated around this. The ability to have a say in the deposit amount ensures you can easily find an affordable vehicle. Depending on the Nissan model you choose, our finance special offers may include discounts and deposit contributions.

Amounts are also partially based on your annual mileage limit, which you must stick to for the full term. A lower annual limit could in turn reduce the payments. Plans often run for two to three years, and the mileage limit will apply every year.

Payments are calculated by subtracting the estimated final value of the car from the current sale price. The remaining amount becomes the Optional Final Payment on the agreement. This is also commonly known as a 'balloon payment' or Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV).

As you are only paying off part of the Nissan's total value, monthly repayments are typically lower than on other finance plans. The amount is fixed against inflation, so you will always know how much is payable.

When the agreement ends, what happens?

The options you have are:

  • Make the final payment to own the Nissan
  • Return the vehicle with no more payments to make
  • Use the vehicle in part exchange for another Nissan**

Part-exchange is an attractive route should the Optional Final Payment end as more than the Nissan is currently worth. This enables you to use the difference as a deposit on your next car. Please note that you cannot take the difference in cash.

If you are returning the vehicle, it must be in good condition and within the mileage limit you initially agreed. Additional mileage and damage to the Nissan will be subject to charges.

To explore whether Nissan Preferences is the most suitable finance plan for you, please get in touch with South West Nissan.

*A deposit between 0-35% of the vehicle price is required, with the number of monthly payments ranging from 12-36 months. An annual mileage figure between 5,000-25,000 miles per year must be agreed, with excess mileage charges applicable.

**You can part-exchange your car at any authorised dealership where your dealer will value your car. If your car is worth more than the Optional Final Payment, you can use the difference as a deposit for your next new Nissan. Return of the car is subject to vehicle condition.

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