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How to check engine coolant level

Modern vehicles are more complex than ever, meaning being able to identify any issues that may occur isn’t always straightforward. That said, there are many elements of your vehicle which can still be managed from home, meaning you don’t need to book servicing or maintenance appointments to have your vehicle in prime condition. Among these is being able to check your engine coolant level.

What is engine coolant?

Engine coolant is a water-based solution that is used to keep your car’s engine from overheating. Coolant is able to regulate the temperature, passing through the engine and absorbing heat before transferring it to the car’s radiator where it is subsequently cooled. As such, you can see that engine coolant plays an integral role in ensuring that your engine doesn’t come to any harm due to overheating.

How and when to check coolant levels?

Checking your coolant level is a relatively straightforward task and one that should be conducted at least twice each year - specifically before summer and winter seasons. Identify the location of your coolant cap, referring to the vehicle’s handbook should you be unable to determine the exact location. 

You should always make sure that the engine is fully cooled before opening the cap, since pressurised hot water can build up. Once opened, check that the coolant level is between the minimum and maximum levels indicated on the side of the tank. Should more coolant be required, use a suitable coolant solution and not just water.

If you’d like to learn more about checking coolant levels or would like for a professional to conduct the check on your behalf, please contact the aftersales department at South West Nissan today. We’ll be happy to help.