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Maintaining Oil Levels

With any vehicle, it’s important that you’re able to conduct a few simple health checks to ensure that you’re always running at optimum levels and are safe out on the road. And, while you should not expect to be an expert in vehicle maintenance or repairs, it certainly pays to know some of the basics that can be checked quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Among those that are easy to manage and maintain are checking and topping up your oil levels.

Engine oil is one of the most important elements of any vehicle, helping ensure that all internal parts and components are operating effectively. Insufficient levels of engine oil can thus lead to substantial damage and costly repairs, so making sure that you’re always operating with the necessary levels of oil is vital. Monitoring and changing your oil is therefore a task that should be conducted frequently, with most manufacturers recommending oil changes every 12 months.

In many instances, you will be alerted to any issues with your engine oil via the dashboard warning lights that monitor oil levels automatically. However, the process of manual checking is important too, and one that takes just a few minutes to complete. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Park your vehicle on level ground and ensure that the engine is cool.
  2. Open the bonnet and locate the dipstick, removing and wiping off any oil with a cloth. You should be able to identify two marks on the dipstick - minimum and maximum levels of oil.
  3. Replace the dipstick and remove once more. The level of your oil should be somewhere between these two markers.
  4. If you need to add oil, ensure you have purchased suitable oil for your vehicle (see your handbook for details) and unscrew the oil cap, indicated by a picture of an oil can.
  5. Pour your oil in a bit at a time while taking regular level checks. Once you’ve reached the desired level, replace the oil cap and close the bonnet.

As you can see, maintaining oil levels is simple. If, however, you’d prefer professional support, contact a member of the team at South West Nissan today and we’ll be happy to provide any assistance you may require.