Nissan Service Care

Nissan Service Care is an affordable, easy-to-understand and extensive aftersales package that comes loaded with advantageous features.

Whether you own a petrol, diesel or electric-powered car – and regardless of its age – fixed-price Nissan Service Care helps to deliver worry-free motoring.

Nissan Service Care comes with one year’s European Roadside Assistance (worth £95), ensuring that your car journeys remain as uninterrupted as possible.

If your vehicle requires a service, our expert, Nissan-trained technicians will email a unique video straight to your inbox, which clearly pinpoints any issues it may have. This eVision service is designed to make our maintenance procedures as transparent as possible – and provide you with all the information you need to decide how you want to proceed.

Any work that we carry out will be done using manufacturer-approved parts only, which are guaranteed to work with your particular model, delivering optimal safety and a longer-lasting performance.

Furthermore, we will check to see if your car requires any software updates and action them accordingly.

If, for any reason, you require us to carry out work on your vehicle, we will provide you with a complimentary replacement car for the duration.

Nissan Service Care is available now from South West Nissan for £159 (electric vehicles), £209 (petrol-driven cars) or £249 (diesel-powered vehicles).

For more information on the benefits of Service Care from Nissan, please get in touch with us today by completing our online contact form. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to phone or visit our Wellington, Exeter or Barnstaple dealerships.

The fantastic Nissan Service Care package is designed to keep you and your Nissan, no matter what age it may be, in the best possible shape. Offering outstanding value, and with prices starting from just £209 (and just £159 for electric vehicles), you'll benefit from all of the following;

  • Fixed Price Servicing
  • 1 Year's European Roadside Assistance (worth £95)
  • Free Courtesy Car
  • EVision: Vehicle Assessment
  • Trained Technicians and Approved Quality Parts
  • Free Vehicle Software Updates

To find out more about Nissan Service Care Packages, simply submit an enquiry below and a member of our team will be in touch from your local South West Nissan dealership. Alternatively, click here to call us now.

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Nissan Service Care

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