Nissan Owners Benefits

When you purchase a vehicle from South West Nissan, we give you all kinds of extra benefits with You+Nissan (just as a little thank you from us). Let’s take a closer look at what we have to offer.

Accident Management

Nissan Car insurance

Roadside Assistance

Nissan LEAF Warranty


Available exclusively to Nissan owners, You+Nissan care is designed to help you make the most of your vehicle ownership. We’ll offer you a selection of special offers from time to time, along with unique discounts and special servicing rates – plus outstanding customer care and advice.

Exclusive Nissan offers

Looking to change your current Nissan for another one? Our exclusive loyalty scheme offers mean you can enjoy excellent savings on your next new Nissan car.

Nissan dealer services

With You+Nissan, you can come to South West Nissan for all your needs. We make it easy to book your car in for an interim service or your annual MOT – and we can even send you a quote online.

Living with my LEAF

Are you a LEAF owner? If so, this is where you access your car’s smart telematics system. With You+Nissan, you’ll get an alert when your car is fully charged; remotely control the interior climate; and arrange your travel routes based on speed, economy and the closest charge point.

Personalised service

You can edit and update your personal information to make sure you receive offers and services that are relevant to you. Need support to set up Bluetooth? Want to register your NissanConnect system? Or you just have a question? You’ll have all the help you need here.

Exclusive information

When you become a proud Nissan owner, you’ll become a part of an exclusive club – and that means access to exciting Nissan events, videos, games and much more.

For further details on You+Nissan, contact South West Nissan today.

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