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Nissan Parts & Accessories

At South West Nissan we deliver a complete manufacturer service – from vehicle sales to aftersales support. This also includes genuine parts and accessories purchasing, as a wide selection of the manufacturer’s latest items are available to buy online in moments.

Modern Nissan accessories

Whether you purchased the all-electric LEAF, distinctive Juke crossover or the strong X-Trail, there’s an accessory you can fit to it to boost practicality or style. Alloy wheels, mudguards, luggage racks and more can be added to the outside, while the cabin can be enhanced with velour mats, ambient lighting or coloured interior inserts. There’s also the opportunity to update the technology included, with hands-free Bluetooth, parking sensors and more available.

Parts engineered for your model

In addition to an excellent choice of accessories, we sell genuine Nissan parts, precisely engineered for each model sold. They’re the same components used by our technicians during maintenance and repairs, and can therefore be trusted to keep your vehicle performing to its best.

If you are unsure if any item is right for your model, feel free to get in touch with our team who will be happy to offer their expert advice. The technicians at our Taunton site will also gladly fit any purchase on your behalf to ensure it performs as intended. Should an item be fitted before delivery of a new vehicle, it’s covered by a three-year warranty, and those added during ownership are protected for one year.

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You can enquire directly with our team using the online form for further details and to arrange a fitting appointment.

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