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Wellington Nissan has once again distinguished itself by securing the Sales Dealer of the Quarter for Q3, marking an unprecedented achievement as the first Nissan dealership to clinch this coveted award consecutively.

Reece, a pivotal figure in this triumph, shared his ambition to sweep all four quarterly awards within the year, aiming to position the Wellington Motor Group as the frontrunner for the Group Dealer of the Year title—a feat the group has achieved in 2023, 2017, and 2015.

Reflecting on the significance of this accolade, Reece expressed, "This journey from being a salesman to a manager has been transformative, and it’s the team’s unwavering support that has been fundamental to our success. Together, we’ve managed to assemble the finest team in the country."

He further added, "Achieving the number one spot is not just a goal for us; it’s a mandate. It’s a target we consider not only within reach but one that we’ve recently demonstrated as achievable."

This achievement not only underscores Wellington Nissan's commitment to excellence but also sets a new benchmark in the automotive industry, highlighting the power of team synergy in achieving remarkable success.

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