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Electric vehicle sales on the rise

There can be little doubt that electric vehicle sales are on the rise. Even sceptics are having to concede that here in the UK, people are embracing greener motoring.

Last year in particular saw significant rises in the number of cleaner vehicles being sold. In August 2018, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) recorded a 23% rise in sales of these vehicles compared to the same period in 2017. Electric models constituted 8% of the overall market.

Then, in January of this year, electric car sales rocketed by 110%, with over double the number of pure electric vehicles gracing UK roads compared to January 2018. Figures released by SMMT showed sales of 1,334 zero-emissions models, a rise of 699 units compared to the same period last year.

The growing accessibility of electric cars is contributing to this, with more manufacturers competing to reduce emissions and extend electric-only ranges while delivering the same – if not better – performance. Also influencing the rise in EV sales is the public’s increased awareness of issues around climate change. Add to that the larger number of public charging points readily available across the UK and Ireland, and motorists not only have a reason to switch, but are beginning to perceive the switch as being easier.

Nissan leading the charge

One of the manufacturers leading the way in all-electric motoring is Nissan. With its renowned LEAF passenger car and practical e-NV200 commercial vehicle, it’s encouraging customers to experience cutting-edge innovation and first-class performance.

For 2019, the Nissan LEAF is being updated and will feature a 62kWh battery that extends its range to an impressive 239 miles. This means longer journeys can be completed without the need to top up, making trips easier to plan.

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