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Futuristic and fantastic - the Ariya is a concept that pushes electric SUV to new levels​


Modern is simply not a dynamic enough descriptor for the new electric SUV from Nissan.

The concept for the Ariya has been previewed at the Tokyo Motor Show and it is pushing all boundaries with its futuristic styling; a muscular build with solid, sturdy 21-inch alloys that set is firm on the road. And yet it still manages to be elegant, drawing your eye from end to end thanks to elongated, swooping roofline.

The LED illuminated Nissan badge adds distinction to the front grille section which looks crisp and clean - much like the electric engine inside. And on the topic of the inside, the interior envelops you in a full circle of classy LEDs, while the dash display has numerous touch sensitive controls that are all in line with the modernity of the external design.

It’s a classy piece of design and we can’t wait to get it into the South West Nissan showrooms, which we anticipate will be in 2021.