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Next Gen Nissan Juke is a tech dream​

The next generation of the Nissan Juke has hit our showrooms and, for tech lovers, it really pushesinnovation into the laps of our customers and delivers more than ever in terms of connectivity.

Nissan’s Connect services, a colour touchscreen monitor, in-car WiFi, voice recognition and Nissan ProPILOT technology, all feature. ProPILOT is probably the most exciting of these measures; the semi-autonomous advanced driving system assists with steering, acceleration and braking in traffic.

The new Juke is a celebration of the hard work and dedication of the staff at Nissan’s Sunderland plant which is now the sole producer for the European market, following a £100 million investment. Over 5,000+ man hours have gone into training staff to deliver this latest iteration of the Juke. One that includes no less than 27 colour sets and 15 two-tone body combinations, for the greatest number of exterior personalisation options ever available.

And it’s not just an exterior makeover that’s happened. Improved performance and fuel economy also gets a big tick too thanks to a highly efficient 1.0-litre DIG-T turbocharged petrol engine being installed under the bonnet. It’s a showcase of all that Nissan has to offer.