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Exciting News at South West Nissan! Nissan is taking the fully electric LEAF hatchback to a whole new level with a fresh addition to its lineup! Introducing the stunning Shiro grade, blending cutting-edge features and irresistible pricing.

Available for purchase right now at an incredible price of just £28,495, the Shiro derivative takes the fantastic N-Connecta as its foundation and includes £1,000 worth of additional equipment. What's even more amazing? It's £2,000 cheaper than you'd expect!

Wondering what makes the Shiro truly stand out? Inspired by its Japanese roots, this grade comes with the classy Arctic White paint as standard, elegantly embodying the meaning of "Shiro" in its name. This new variant is also available with optional Spare Wheel Pack and two-tone paint (Storm White with a Pearl Black roof).

Immerse yourself in the captivating design and exceptional features offered by the Shiro grade. Get in touch with your nearest South West Nissan dealership today to arrange an appointment